Photography has been a part of me since high school. Back then, over 15 years ago, I learned photography on a basic film camera, that my parents owned and I developed all of my photos in the school's dark room. The hours I spent photographing and developing my films was always my favourite part of the day. Shortly after that I saved up some money, bought my first DSLR and began an amazing phase of exploring angles, exposures and editing photos digitally, not having to worry about having only 36 frames of film available. Looking back, I am very thankful for having my learning curve begin with 35mm Film photography, because amongst many lessons, it taught me discipline in putting maximum effort in every shot's exposure and composition. Today, I still love to continuously explore finding unique angles and submerging myself in the nearly limitless world of postproduction.  

My passion is capturing special moments and creating visual content that will spark feelings and emotions. My goal is to inspire viewers to go out, see things, experience the outdoors, whether it is through hunting, hiking or sleeping under the stars.  


Besides pet photography, another passion of mine is finding products, that are well made, preferably handmade. I admire people who can create something with their own two hands, that is useful, long lasting and beautiful. The process of creating something sustainable by hand fascinates me deeply and inspires me to photograph the various crafts - not to mention portraying the often unique individuals, who create these products. 


If you love being outdoors, are looking to get your pet photographed professionally or passionately create a high quality product and would like to have those stories captured, contact me and let's create something unique together. 


In the meantime, enjoy the outdoors.





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